LOLruses are walruses or other animals that look like walruses in Lolz


A LOLrus is any walrus that has, has recieved, or is associated with a bucket. All known LOLruses have bucket obsessions. THE LOLrus, the most famous one, has been sighted ever since it appeared on I Can Has Cheezburger. The saga began when a man, the thief, stole the bucket, and the LOLrus has been searching for it ever since. Apparently it's been so long that he can't remember what color it was.


  • Evidently, it's been so long since the LOLrus has seen his bucket that he can't remember what color it was.
  • LOLruses aren't usually walruses, but rather, other animals.
  • There are many LOLruses seen searching for a bucket or many buckets, but the most famous is the one pictured above.

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